Life often confronts us with very difficult decisions. Whether to relocate, get married, change jobs, or make a career move. We continually obsess about the right moves to make and when to make them. But there is a power and strength in being discerning. Are you looking at the big picture?

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You must weigh your decisions on the impact it will have on you growing and learning instead of making your life more comfortable and easygoing. This life hack is easier said than Make your next move, ย your best move.ย , its a very hard thing do, our nature is inclined to go down the easy road. Do you have the self control and self discipline to confront reality even when it stings?

Accepting what is true opens another door that for some even further complicates things. That is, what is truth? I won’t even begin to tackle that subject in its entirety on this blog but I will say truth is not inherently positive and its definitely not subjective. What I mean by that is truth is not what you want it to be. Truth only comes when there is a search for it, a deviation from the normal and arbitrary. Have the courage to look for it my friends. It’s not difficult or complicated buts it’s definitely worth the effort. When you find it have the strength to change and adjust based on what you know is right.

Find the inner strength and commitment to confront all of life’s hardest obstacles in the spirit truth. Don’t allow your ego and your pride to dictate for you. Kill your ego and strengthen your spirit. Just as when working out we grow the muscle by tearing it down first to allow for the repair process to begin. We are practicing the art of destroying ego for strength to be gained. Life is no different we must exercise self control and denial to grow into the best versions of ourselves. Self Love and Self Discipline asย Will Smith says is the foundation to making the life you want happen. Love yourself eMake your next move, your best move.ย nough to not allow yourself to make bad choices.ย 

Perhaps we find ourselves in a situation where the wrong choice will feel good temporarily or worst making no choice at all because the possible options are entirely to uncomfortable. Why not look at the future you and how you will be effected by your poor decision or indecision. Are you going to have regrets? Don’t be afraid of failure because it takes us loosing in order to gain perspective and character. No matter if your dealing with a major relationship, job, family, or just everyday decision make your next move your best move, you can do it!

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