Old paint chipping away exposing the layers of the many lies they preach

Covered in the lies of the guilty burdens and the guise of what hides beneath

Every breath taken is a cry for a sigh of relief

Who’s next to get there breath taken as we tithe in belief.

Belief in better days, believing that we saved, believing that we sing like birds even if we caged.

Got black folks believing in they rage, grieving in their pain.

Believing if we believe they everything will change.

Well I dont believe that black lives matter, I know they do,

I’ll show you too, our black minds need a conscious boost,

But instead we got conflict boost

A nonsense ruse, a bag of toxic tools

To build a hate filled noose,

Around are neck so they prevail

So the next time we cant breath it wont be officer knee ita be ourselves.

We have to wake up, we have to see what weve become,

The paint is chipping the war is almost won

Dont accept there beliefs that there nothing else to be done.

 Remember my brother they wont understand our anger until they have felt our love.

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