Conscious Boost🔆

For the curious creative who wants to know a little about everything.

Con•scious•ness – Mental awareness, an ability to look inward or examine our deeper self, including but not limited to our feelings, thoughts and emotions and their effect on ‘reality’ .

    Why is Consciousness Important to YOU?  Your personal level of awareness and self-discovery is the answer to your SUCCESS in literally EVERYTHING you do!

The most successful people of all time in every field imaginable have learned to harness the power of thought. They learned to think outside of the box and boost their self awareness to combat the world’s outside influences and obtain happiness and success. What about those of us who simply have unending questions and want to better our lives in simple ways?…


Welcome! My name is Phife. Im a writer, poet, musician, and serial creative. I have a never ending imagination and curiosity about the wonders of life, reasons for behavior, and everything in between. This website was built in effort to bottle up some of the most interesting interviews, research, ideas, art and conversation about “the secrets of the universe” in hope that I can personally find answers and spark awareness and curiosity on expanding individual consciousness.

I have debated with myself many sleepless nights over publishing some of these very simple but somehow controversial topics. The fear of criticism and potential failure for years overwhelmed my mission and made me paralyzed in fear to pursue my dream to inspire people in a meaningful way. I was un-happy, un-fulfilled, un-successful and completely dissatisfied with life.

    I hope that the stories and art you find here help you to think outside the box and serve as inspiration for a stronger and more enlightened YOU!