Welcome to Consciousboost🔅

My name is Phife . Im a coach, writer, visionary, and accomplished entrepreneur. My entire career I have built and managed highly successful teams to achieve and exceed individual and personal goals. Outside of the corporate jungle I have helped countless people on there journey to self awareness and development to attain what they define as success.

Lets start off by making sure were on the same page…

Con•scious•ness – Mental awareness, an ability to look inward or examine our deeper self, including but not limited to our feelings, thoughts and emotions and their effect on ‘reality’ .

    Why is Consciousness Important? 

Your level of self awareness and discovery is directly related to your success and achievement in every part of your life.

The MOST successful people of ALL time in EVERY field imaginable have learned to harness the power of thought and self awareness. They know the secret to attainment and manifestation of any goal or dream ALWAYS begins from within.

They learned to think outside of the box and boost their self awareness to combat the world’s outside influences and obtain happiness and success.


Do I have trouble staying focus and seeing my goals through to attainment?

Is it difficult for me to find passion and purpose in my work?

Do I find myself feeling like I’m stuck in a rut and unsure about my future or what it will take for me to truly be really be happy?

Am I often finding that my goals and aspirations in life are extremely challenging and seemingly unrealistic?

Do I lack vision and insight? Is it very difficult for me to reflect critically on my choices and hold myself accountable?

Do I lack the confidence and courage to make decisions that I truly feel will benefit me?

Have I been stuck in a career or personal relationship that I am dissatisfied with because I don’t know what to do next or because I’m afraid of the unknown?

Consciousness means that your way of being is determined by you and only you!


If we are to truly transform doubt and uncertainty into confidence and accomplishment, we have to know our STRENGTHS.

Change your paradigms and your reality will follow.


Once we identify our strengths and talents we will need help to grow and develop them. Think of your favorite sci-fi or superhero movie. Having powers and special abilities is not enough. Learning how to harness your talents and energy and then focus it into your life is a special skill all within itself. So many special abilities go squandered and never manifest because learning to harness the amazing energy within each one of us is one of the most difficult things to do on planet earth… Lucky for you, your reading this and my life work and passion is to do exactly that.


CONSCIOUS BOOST🔅 STRENGTH CONSULTING PROGRAM provides accountability and self development coaching. Teaching you skills and best practices to lead you on path to build emotional strength, resiliency, and help you find inner inspiration..

How do others perceive me?

How does my personality and background play into how I demonstrate my strengths?

How can my strengths help me to identify and take responsibility for my weaknesses?

How do I find passion and purpose in my work?

How can I grow and develop my strengths to use them as assets?

How do I define them and what blindspots do they create for me?

I have even leveraged partnerships with industry professionals to provide practical guidance in areas of career development for job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Consciousboost🔅 was built to give an amazing insight on the most overlooked part of almost everyones journey... YOU!


    I hope that the stories and coaching you find here help you to think outside the box and serve as inspiration for a stronger and more enlightened YOU!

  • Coach Phife🔆