“The world seems to be draining me of everything I have. Every turn every corner, it seems like more and more of everything I hate.”

Marvin, a very close friend of mine, made that statement last week. He felt lost and confused he was scared and completely at his wits end. It seemed as if all his dreams and ambitions were constantly being snatched away from his grasp and in place of them was more misery and disappointment. Marvin had run into a string of bad luck lately. He had a job that he hated, his boss was demanding and belittling and he was only making enough to pay the bills. He felt like his life was in a never ending cycle of repair, one day after another he suffered defeat in someway and it was becoming difficult to cope. 

Marvin came to me for advice, he wanted to know if I could help him search for a new job, but I knew something that Marvin did not know. Marvin did not need a new job to be happy. I knew that this would not break the cycle but it would only perpetuate it. The type of help I could provide Marvin would change his life forever, but only if he was seriously willing to look at life in a way that he never had before. What was this life changing information? More importantly was Marvin ready to make the changes it required?

A change in mentality means a change of reality…

“What is Fear?”, I asked Marvin. ” Its when your scared”, he replied. I could see we had a long way to go. I calmly sat down in my favorite chair in the living room and invited Marvin to have a seat on the couch. “Fear, is the negative energy that creates a barrier to happiness. ” I responded. “How do we get rid of fear then?”, Marvin asked.

“We don’t get rid of something that doesn’t exist my friend.”  I began to explain to Marvin that fear and other negative emotions don’t exist on their own. We create them. We must completely rid ourselves of the very existence of an entity to be completely separated from it.

Fear does not exist in my world I have no use for it. Fear should not exist in yours either. Fear is of absolutely no benefit to anyone who seeks to accomplish or be successful in anything. Now thats not to say that successful people are never fearful, but the majority will tell you that the moment they overcame that fear was when things really started to transform. 

What is Fear and where does it come from?

Marvin began to think about what I had explained and began to try and makes sense of it. “But I thought that it is normal to be afraid. Fear can help you to tap into your fight-or-flight response and think faster or becoming stronger.”  My response was sarcastically realistic, “Its also statistically normal for people to live in poverty. The road that is cramped and narrow leads to a reward that is far greater than what may seem to popular at the time. Fear is the enemy, its a low vibration emotion that only can draw chaos and disorder. Much like love though plenty of people confuse what fear is altogether. Fear is powerful negative emotion is response to danger real or imagined. Its a frequency of energy that removes you body from equilibrium and places it into disharmony. Your thoughts become irrational, your emotions unreasonable, and your mind becomes unstable. Fear also triggers chemical signals in the brain that produce these feelings of negativity, in turn those emotions heighten the irrational thoughts of fear and begin the cycle all over again. 

“How do we stop the cycle!!?”, cried Marvin. ” We have to understand where fear comes from and eliminate the temptation before it ever begins.” I replied. “Temptation??”, he asked. Perplexed but curious Marvin leaned in squinting as if he could see the answers on my brow. 

The ‘Temptation’ of Fear

Fear is easy, its satisfying, its natural, and primitive. We must boost are consciousness to overcome such powerful temptation. Many dont look as fear as a temptation and thats because they dont take in to account that in order to reject fear we must take hold of something else. Something else far more difficult to obtain and less fulfilling in the short term. That is discipline, Self-Love. Who of us wants to be disciplined? We all rather eat what we know is bad but taste good and stay up all night instead of forcing ourselves to sleep. Eventually we build habits and rhythmic patterns that become nearly impossible to break. Fear is no different it exploits us because its the easy most satisfying choice. 

“I think I’m starting to see it now,” Marvin commented. “I have been choosing fear unknowingly for so long that its become a habit. Although I’m unhappy with my position in life, Fear coaxes me into accepting it because I tell myself that I can not choose any other way because of fear of failure or criticism.” ” I think you are starting to think now my dear Marvin and thinking is the sworn enemy of fear.” I replied.

The Journey to Mastery Begins with One Step

At this point Marvin had a variety of questions about what he should do next. He questioned, how he can defeat fear once and for all? How is it that fear had become a temptation? Who interest does fear serve? What other negative emotions was he falling susceptible to? That was enough for today though. Now that I had got Marvin thinking my job was done, for now.

Marvin left slightly frustrated but no longer depressed. He now had a mission, a purpose, he now knew that world was bigger than he had imagined and most of the answers he wanted so bad were only attainable thru self-reflection. Marvin had just had his Consciousness Boosted and it was his first step to becoming the person he always knew he would become deep inside. 

If you’ve ever felt like Marvin maybe its time for you to do the same. For more on overcoming fear and other inspirational topics Follow CB or contact me with your questions.

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