‘What’s your new years resolution?’

I’m so tired of this question. I’m irritated with blogs and self help gurus supposedly helping people to finally reach their ‘self realized potential’  for the ‘new year’.  Some are honest hearted but most are riding the wave for click bait and new followers to accept there ‘new age’  positive thinking gospel in the hopes of getting more advertising dollars from distributors and various social media platforms. (Takes a deep breath)  How can I say, NOT INTERESTED?!

Let me clarify my disinterest and disappointment. I’m okay with anyone reaping benefits from hard work. I’m just so irritated with people being so superficial and disingenuous. This road to spiritual awareness is not gonna happen from burdening one’s self with new years resolutions and checklist. I must admit I fell into the trap myself. Then I realized the ‘Dissolution’ of my ‘Resolutions’.

What one must do is focus on the inner qualities of the self. Begin with recognizing the weakness and stripping the layers of corrupt idealogy and egotistical manifestations. This is such a painful process! To look critically at yourself and start to work on how you feel and think, not just try and commit your behavior to change. Those commitments will always fail if u don’t work on things like HONOR, LOYALTY, LOVE, STRENGTH, COURAGE, and PEACE. Some would also include the biblical version of virtues aptly named the “Fruitages of the Spirit”.

We must do away with the ego and concern of how others view us. New years resolutions are filled with physical and material goals and schemes. I’ve seen everything from ‘How to get rich in 2018’ to ‘I’m looking fly in 2018, catch up or be left behind’. PEOPLE, stop getting better at stunting for social media year after year and actually improve your life. There are less and less role models in the world, everyone wants us to accept them the way they are but is this toxicity really good to be consuming on constant basis. What was once entertainment now is lifestyle programing . And what was once ‘self help’  ideas is now gospel and scripture.

Dissolve the Resolution and Discover the RESOLVE.   Be the best version of your REAL SELF not just the you presented to the world FULL OF your ego and insecurities.


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