Everyone I know wants to escape the corporate grind to work for themselves.

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People want to travel the world, live life on their own terms, and have a life of abundance and freedom. I too feel this way, but is it actually realistic? Absolutely YES, more now than ever before.

Escape the Rate Race and Live Life Financial Free

1. Stop Buying Stupid S***

No, really, I’m serious, stop it! It’s amazing to me how people will make excuses for reasons why they can’t reach financial freedom, all the while there unwilling to make any sacrifices in their lifestyle. Let me give you an real life financial tip.

Let’s talk the difference between assets and liabilities. The definition can be much more complex but for now let’s keep it pretty basic. An asset is something you purchase that increases in value and a liability is something you purchase that decreases in value. Simply put, spend less on liabilities and more on assets. This is how you create the time and money to transition out of working for someone else and become financial free. Let’s step out of the financial field for a moment as I endeavor to give your consciousness a boost๐Ÿ”†.

Everything you buy ask yourself is it a liability or an asset. Purchasing the least expensive item does not insure that you will spend less on liabilities.

For example the food you buy can be a liability or an asset. You may spend less money eating fast food or other unhealthy options but in the long run this decreases the value of your body and its ability to perform well. If you spend more on healthy options it’s an investment in your life and health that will certainly pay off.

The same could be said of cars, clothes, and other material items. Don’t buy something just because of the brand or its prestige and don’t go the cheapest route with something that won’t last and will cause you more problems. Do your research and make decision that will increase you net worth and value overtime.

Buying unnecessary things makes you have to keep spending money on a unreasonable lifestyle you can’t afford. If you’d save your money and invest your time wisely you could live way beyond your wildest dreams with time and patience.

People spend money on some of the most ridiculous things and then complain that they need there job to support there absurd spending habits. Make a budget and a plan for how you will leave you 9-5. It’s a freedom that you will count as priceless. You will be able to evolve as person by putting material things in their proper place.

2.Learn What Your Passion Is

You have to know what your transitioning too. This really could have been number one. Ask yourself what are your passions and callings in life? Why do you want to leave your job? What do you really want to do instead? Do you have the self-discipline and focus to work for yourself?

Finding your passion is not a easy thing it takes time and dedication. You really have to dig deep within yourself and be patient. Gratefully for all of you reading this our website is an excellent option for doing just that. Reading the testimonials, examples, and articles on this site and others like it will help you figure out your purpose and how to overcome barriers to discovering it. You will see yourself growing day by day๐Ÿ”†!

The Japanese phrase “ikigai,” (pronounced ik-Kee-guy) means “a reason for being.”

Side note: Also keep in mind working for someone is not always a bad thing. You can often learn a lot about yourself as well as get a chance to practice valuable skills. As you work for your job, challenge yourself to learn new things and work your job as if you were the owner of the company. If your performance is suffering due to lack of focus or certain skill set, try to improve. This dedication and perseverance will do you well as you venture out on your own. There will be lots of mistakes and failed opportunities as you learn to work for yourself. A 9-5 job can offer the structure that you need to develop. Stop complaining and study the processes and how they are developed, you’ll need this outline for later.

3.Overcome Your Fear of Failure

You must fearlessly move with intention and purpose to make your ideas reality.

Fear is the most powerful obstacle in achieving any success of any kind. We all have been afraid at some point in life. You may currently be in fear to leave your job, even though you’ve discovered your purpose and have sufficient financial means to do so. Fear is paralyzing. It’s makes you second-guess yourself and have a negative disposition of your own ability.

Do everything you can to stop fear becoming a factor in your decision making. Start by discovering techniques and advice on Overcoming Fear. Remember that fear and caution are two completely separate things. Caution is using wisdom and knowledge to make informed decisions. Fear is negative emotion that causes one stress and anxiety. Be careful not to “throw caution to the wind” while getting rid of fear.

To summarize working a job on your own terms or even starting your own if a very realistic goal in 2019. The internet has given us the power to connect and offer valuable skills and talents to virtually anyone. Remember to be practical and examine your reasons for really wanting to make such a change.

If you 1. Plan Financially, 2. Find your Passion, and 3. Work hard to Overcome fear of Failure, then your on your way. The small details will work themselves out as long as you use caution when looking at perspective opportunities. I hope this article and the links to others has been a great resource in journey to living life on your own terms and creating a happy and prosperous life for you and your family. In an endeavor to provide material that is helpful and of use remember that your greatest compliment is the feedback you provide!


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