Conscious boost aims to create a bridge out of religious dogma and doctrines into the cosmos of Spirituality.

If your like me, you used to be part of an organized religion. You may have benefited greatly from learning about the religion and its principles to live a more “godly” and “respectable” life. You have friends, family, and neighbors that are part of that religion. It had a huge impact on your life, in many ways positive.

However you had deep desire for more!

Maybe you questioned some of the teachings of the religion, or just sought a deeper meaning to the information that you studied. When that information was obviously not available you may have begin to see hypocrisy in its doctrine, leadership or followers.

How will you move forward? Most people don’t, but that’s what makes us different. So much of your life and what you may think is its meaning may be lost if you choose to move forward with your pursuit of knowledge outside of the accepted framework.

Regardless we have made the decision to pursue something greater!

I’m so very glad your at this point, because it means your ready for the next step towards true enrichment. You have just began down the path of a truly amazing spiritual journey!

At the beginning of any journey its natural to have questions about path from others that may have went before you. The spiritual journey can be like trekking though the Amazon, your going to want to have a guide! But unlike religion this journey can only be taken alone. Think of me as your Spiritual Advisor, Ill help you prep, plan, and give you map but the journey is entirely yours!

Some questions you may have about your journey.

  • Will I to abandon all the years of religious teachings I learned? No and yes. Your religious background will serve as a great foundation and sounding board for many of the concepts as you grow in knowledge and understanding. After all its why your here, for something more to expand upon your knowledge and boost your consciousness. However, yes we will have to unlearn the indoctrinations, the false beliefs paradigms that don’t tell us the truth about who we are or why we are here. You will also have to let go the fear, guilt, and shame many religions instill in their believers.
  • How do I deal with guilt, fear, or shame of leaving religion behind? Its not that your leaving it behind your simply moving forward. A caterpillar can never become a butterfly unless it learns to break free from its past identity. The beauty is both stages are completely necessary. Famous Apostle Paul speaks about ” Solid food belong to mature people, but milk belonging to babes.” If you here its because your looking for something more solid.
  • What roadblocks can I expect on my path? There are many detours on this path! The biggest of which is self doubt and lack of balance. Where all going to get there eventually its just takes some of us longer than others. There is no judgment on this path, because its only you. Don’t compare your self to others and don’t be to worried about setbacks or what you may view as mistakes its all a part of the journey

Introduction to the SPIRITUAL REALITY




I will introduce you to the important aspects of overcoming the indoctrination and limiting mindset that many of us may have. The chat will teach you how to operate without fear but have respect for natural consequence. I want to help identify self limiting beliefs but also be realistic about your potential. Which by the way is unlimited!

Bring your questions to the webinar for a live Q&A session.

What You’ll Learn:

– Damage religion has done to spirituality
– How to to overcome it
– Benefits of understanding Reality

Houston Phifer
Mystic/ Traveler

I am a poet, writer, and dedicated student of philosophy, religion, and esoterism. I grew up Christian, but have since then deeply explored and practiced many religious systems and studied their text. My passion is to explore spirituality and investigate the human condition as it relates to consciousness. Over many years of study and exploration I found out a profound truth that change my life, one that I hope to share with you.