The following is an excerpt from my journal years ago as I struggled with obtaining definite purpose and growing in enlightenment:

The fork in the road of accomplishment..

How can I be so old and have no idea what I want to do in my life?

It’s crazy that all this time I’ve been thinking, dreaming, and wanting putting together ideas, life still seems to be so confusing.

What defines success? Do I really even want to be successful?

What is the point in the purpose?! A lot of people would consider me to be successful, as I’ve climbed my way through Corporate America with no degree or any loans to pay back. I have a great job I make six figures but I am still unfulfilled.

My middle school class voted me most likely to succeed but I’m feeling more like I’m most likely to be stressed Lol.

A lot of people would say this is the time that you need to turn to God or religion or some form of spirituality. But I’ve tried that as well and have gone a lot farther on that road than most.

How can I be so advanced, so intelligent, and so successful but still so confused, alone, and unfulfilled. I think I’m climbing a ladder that only leads to misery and unhappiness. “I’ve come along way, but perhaps I went the wrong way.”

I’m desperately trying to find out what the right way is. What is the truth path to fulfillment and purpose?

Is it friends, is it family, is it relationships, is it spirituality, is it community, is it love, is it marriage?! My God!

I know so many people who chase after so many different things in a pursuit of happiness but never stop pursuing.

Perhaps the happiness is in the pursuit, but that doesn’t sound right. Perhaps the happiness is in the pursuer….

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