Results Consulting

How do I define them and what blindspots do they create for me?

How do others perceive me?

How can my strengths help to identify and take responsibility for my weaknesses?

How do I find passion and purpose in my work?

How can I grow and develop my strengths to use them as assets?

All this and much much more is what will be answered as we work together on a path to self awareness!

Welcome! My name is Phife. Im a coach, writer, poet, visonary, and accomplished entrepreneur. My entire career I have built and managed highly successful teams to achieve and exceed individual and personal goals. Outside of the corporate jungle I have helped countless people on there journey to self awareness and development to attain what they define as success. Letโ€™s learn something together!

Consciousboost was built to give an amazing insight on the most overlooked part of almost everyones journey... YOU!

    I hope that the stories and coaching you find here help you to think outside the box and serve as inspiration for a stronger and more enlightened YOU!

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