This journey to health and wellness can definitely get boring when you have no one to join you. I’m excited to say that today I inspired a new partner…

Mrs. Phif decided to join the cause of getting fit and reaching her body goals. Now in all fairness she has been here all along no matter how infrequently. But today something clicked, a light bulb went off, and sexy is back in major way.

When we workout together its so motivating.ย  Building the body and mind you want for yourself is exciting but building the body and mind of a partner you want to grow with is incredible! You are becoming stronger as a couple and you feel the energy of the 2 individuals becoming an unstoppable force when merged together. We help to lift each other up through weakness and champion each other’s resolve for strength.

Now granted she has her own personal body goals and I love her the way she is. But watching her improve and grow to her potential is especially rewarding. It’s fun to see her making goals and being competitive. Working out with your partner is a complete experience.

I talk so much about your pysche and the reasons and thought process behind why people workout. I must say I feel complete when exercising with her. It’s not superficial, it’s not a body I’m trying to build for attention or to make a statement, and neither is it a selfish cause. It makes me think deeply about the reason why I’m doing this. I want to be a better version of myself and a stronger couple so we can take on the world together.

As the old saying goes “Two heads our better than one”, I’d like to add that the stronger those two heads are even the better. Looking good and feeling better, our bodies, minds, and hearts have so much more to give one another. The world is only what we make it. We’re staying positive and being resilient. We’re getting strong and living life like it’s golden. I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘bruh’ ย work out with ‘yo girl’ . It will make your connection deeper, your relationship stronger, and you just might figure out things about yourself you never knew but I’ll save that for another time.

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