IMG_20170519_104341_178ย  Stop pretending! If you’re not ‘about that life’ ย why put on pretenses as if you are? Do you ever feel obligated to go along with the crowd? Maybe you pretend to be a part of the conversation. Maybe you don’t feel that your best is good enough. But ask yourself why?

Now more than ever the pressure to conform and go along with crowd is very powerful. The government, entertainment industries, and big business employ this tactic to make sure that you think and act in a way that benefits them. But on a much smaller and maybe even more important scale, what about your friends and associates. It’s very interesting to see people living a life that’s a lie just to impress or appease others. Whether is close friends or relatives, learn get along with others without compromiseing your own truths. Instant popularity is just that it comes and goes so fast and your left with an empty feeling inside. Grow strong enough to be you even in situations that your opinion may seem less popular or acceptable.

For some of us the fear of being wrong and rejected is the reason we conform. Have you ever had an answer or input but didn’t speak up or raise your hand because you weren’t sure if you were correct? You may then hear others express there opinions and although they differ they’re praised for there confidence and thoughtfulness. As the answer is given you realize that your thoughts or ideas were spot on. But now it’s too late no one will ever know how you felt. Even if you were wrong realize that uncomfortable feeling is necessary to reach success. There’s no shame in speaking your truth if you have an opinion. The opposite is also true. Why fill the room with useless talk from the top of your head just to sound important or intelligent. Stop pretending, when you have something to say, say it. If you don’t then don’t. Don’t let others force you into there patterns of ideas and behaviors.

Now as we relate this to the personal fitness world, we must consider the same principles. We are all unique and shame on anyone forcing their interest or lifestyle on others, making them feel excluded because there experience level or interest is not the same. I hate going to gyms where only 1 form of Fitness is “acceptable”. Although only 3 major different body types have been labeled (i.e. Endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph, I’ll write on these one day soon) I must say there are many variances within each of them. We all have different goals. For example you may be able to bench 300lb and someone else 400lb. The strongest version of you can only be determined by you. That 400lb may be lifted by someone who weighs 295lb, but if you weigh 150lb a 300lb bench is twice your body weight! Why compete and compare with someone who has different goals and completely different body type. Are you getting stronger? Are you feeling and looking better? That should be your measure not someone else percieved ability. Working out is a grand physical experiment no one has all the answers. Be strong enough to be who you are. Don’t pretend or lie about the real you. Life is too short to not be authentic.

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