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    Who made the meanings to these words? Why are we not free to express ourselves? Close your eyes and see what you believe? It’s must be clear. God must be near. Who made this system to which we are forced to adhere. Feels like my intention is discarded and the meaning of my heart is […]
  • Where is my life headed? What path is this I have chosen?
    The following is an excerpt from my journal years ago as I struggled with obtaining definite purpose and growing in enlightenment: The fork in the road of accomplishment.. How can I be so old and have no idea what I want to do in my life? It’s crazy that all this time I’ve been thinking, […]
  • Stop Pretending
    Β  Stop pretending! If you’re not ‘about that life’ Β why put on pretenses as if you are? Do you ever feel obligated to go along with the crowd? Maybe you pretend to be a part of the conversation. Maybe you don’t feel that your best is good enough. But ask yourself why? Now more than […]
  • Stop Allowing others to Keep you from being Successful. How to stop following and Lead the Path of Purpose.
    Those without purpose expect you to settle for whatever may come along. Peer pressure is not just for kids. If you want to make the term sound more mature we could say Fear of Criticism or avoiding becoming an outcast. But in reality it’s the same thing your mom told you in 7th grade. “Bad […]